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Back to all Love, Loss and Architecture: The Rise of Rachel Neeson

Rachel Neeson is one of Australia’s most exciting architects. She and her team at Neeson Murcutt Architects worked on Newmarket Randwick Stage 2 and we’re thrilled to read the Sydney Morning Herald’s profile on her life and work.

Neeson Murcutt Architects is an agile, studio-based firm recognised for its delivery of award-winning architecture. One of very few architectural firms in Australia headed by a sole female director, the small practice punches way above its weight by winning the highest professional accolades across diverse categories – residential, interior, public, commercial, urban design, education and heritage.

“Architecture has agency and is closely aligned with identity – sometimes as an icon, always as a communicator of a particular attitude and set of values,” Neeson says. “At Newmarket we bring our depth of experience in the design of bespoke houses to craft apartments and terraces that feel like ‘home.’” 

“We understand human touch, scale and atmosphere, and look to bring a heightened experience of the elemental – arrival home, places to sit, places to eat, places to bathe, places to sleep,” she adds. “By shaping spaces around these fundamental human activities we are able to make each one special. Our architecture demonstrates a commitment to a sustainable future – it is fundamental to our very sense of health and wellbeing, especially when we are at home!”

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